Whenever I read the word notorious I can’t help but kinda sing/rap it. Even if it doesn’t make sense. And… Even though I’m a white girl with no rhythm. And… Even if the only words I can remember from the song are…  notorious and well….  notorious. I just don’t have a knack for the rap.  […]

Oh, what a beautiful morning.

If you follow me on Instagram you might of seen this photo this morning.  I snapped it as we walked down to the bus. (Though I’m sure the backpacks were a dead giveaway on that.  Captain Obvious here at your service.)  But as I was saying,  when I took this picture I just felt like […]

I Fake it.

You read right. I fake it. I fake golden hour back lighting. *gasp* As Autumn draws closer, the sun seemingly disappears. ┬áIt gets darker sooner and the glorious golden hour (where the sun basks the Earth in all its beautiful sunsetting-golden-glory) fades right along with it. So whats a gal to do? She fakes it. […]

Thief in the Night.

Take note all you seven year old’s out there.Yes you.Especially the ones who think you are all sneaky up in here. I’ve been finding your wrappers hidden in the pantry and crammed in the crayon box. You left a trail of gum wrappers through the hall. I know you have been stealing pepperoni, you forget […]


She calls me Mom-mia I have no idea where she got it from. But I answer to it. I like to claim I am the boss, but when you have kids there are moments when YOUR the good little go along.  I like to own up to my weaknesses… and Mom-mia might just be one. […]