Senior citizen if you please.

This past weekend was rainy and cool.
 It was minor, but I caught a case of cabin fever.
Which doesn’t give me a very positive outlook for winter.
I have become what my husband has claimed I am.
An old lady.
A boring old fart who wants to do nothing but travel and go to bed at 8:00.
Oh, and eat dinner at 5:00. 
Cause when you reach the golden age that’s what you do.
So as I pondered my figurative lifestyle I decided to do something about it.
I needed to get out of the house.
So I left my cane behind and rounded up my kids and we went for a walk.
(I Heart Faces ‘Pets’ Submission)

And it was worth it.
I became my 31 year old self again.
The gal who gets kicks out of her daughter getting squirted in the face with the drinking fountain.
Because even though I may have senior citizen tendencies, 
I still have arrested development in terms of what I find humorous. 
Like this video:
I don’t think I ever laughed so hard.


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      Thanks Tamar… I know I will make it through. Normally I don’t mind the seasonal change, but last year was such a inversion, no sun, blech filled winter… I feel a little jaded. 😛

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    Love the ‘pet’ worm! Great photos, Leesha, and beautiful children too! Wish mine was still young like that … maybe that’s why I’m feeling so old lately! lol! First time visiting from iHeartFaces. 🙂

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