This is how we do it.

Ahhhh yes.
Labor Day Weekend.
The holiday I always confuse with Memorial Day.
Thirty-one years going strong on that.
But what makes Labor Day particularly different to our family is it’s the opening weekend for Elk Archery Season.
Archery Elk Season?
Season for the Elk Archers?
Eh, anyways..
This also means you get to dress your kids in camo, spray them with elk pee and send them into the wild unknowns.
This is normal…right?
Don’t answer that.
So before heading out my husband spent time teaching our middle child how to bugle with a reed.
 Its all about proper placement.
Or so I am told.
She loved it.
The little one was confused.
 “Just what are these fools doing?!”
And she… welll
she was eating a s’more.
Fast Forward to the next day and the next round of lessons.
Gone are the days of a needle compass.
My girl got schooled on the inner workings of Garmin.


What an Elk rub is.
(Notice the Sketchers? Putting the glam in camo.)
And errrr droppings.
“This, my young sweet Tom Girl, is Elk poop.”
 It was riveting I tell ya!
Joking aside, my girl loves hunting.
She even loves it when her mom goes and takes lots of pictures, see:
Okay, maybe not.
But right after I annoyed her by snapping a paparazzi filled photo session of her glaring at me, she bugled in something.
Thats right, SOMETHING.
Something that both my husband and I heard walking towards us.
So we huddled by some brush and he knocked an arrow.
Oh man.
When something unknown is walking towards you in the woods I get mixed emotions of
excitement and utter terror.
And this something was grunting
and huffing,
and puffing,
and coming right towards us.
It was at this moment in time that I thought they need to make camo Depends and someone should invent force fields already!
Imagine our surprise when this came busting out into the clearing.
A Moose.
That’s right.
A Moose.
 I swore it was a blood thirsty bear, my husband dreamed it was a monster Elk, and our daughter….well I’m not sure what she thought it might be.
It walked within 15 yards of us and it was small by moose standards, but very angry looking.
I think he was looking for a girlfriend and was sorely disappointed when he came upon three dumbfounded humans.
Which only made him more angry.
I’m sure of it.
So it wasn’t until it was a safe distance away that I got up the nerve to snap a photo.
Once it was gone and we could relax a little our daughter screamed,
“THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! I think that moose liked me!”
It was pretty awesome.
Earlier on our hunt I was able to get a video of our girl in action:
And this is how we do Labor Day.



  1. says

    HOW AMAZING IS THIS POST! Seriously! Man, I’m from the UK so when I went hunting with my Dad when I was around your daughters age, we got things like pleasants and what not, but to see a moose was be a legendary experience. Epic post and that unimpressed photo of your daughter was pretty funny, even if she didnt think so, lol x

    • says

      Thank you! It was pretty neat even as an adult! I have never had a moose come in like that before so it was probably one of those once in a lifetime experiences. 🙂

  2. says

    ACK. I LOVE this post. So fun to read. I felt like I was right there with you. I have to admit I tried to blog stalk you to figure out where you live, because it is so beautiful. I guess I could just ask ;-). So fun, Im featuring you this week at Life Through the Lens.

    • says

      Thanks! So is it wrong that I’m flattered you blog stalked me? haha! I live in Idaho, and there is certainly some beautiful scenery around here. And thank you again for featuring me, how awesome!!

  3. says

    I’m visiting from Four Simply Living. What a fun post you have here! I heard once that more injuries happen in our national parks from moose than any other animal, so if that’s true, I’m glad you kept your distance.

  4. says

    So fun…visiting from Four Simply Living. I would love to encounter a moose like that…as long as I could keep my distance. I freaked out a bit when we were hiking earlier this year and a baby deer walked right toward us without backing down.

    • says

      I’m all about being one with nature, from a distance too! ha! I have had a few run in’s with bears (once when I had no shoes on!) and I was wigging out. Thanks for commenting!!

  5. Steve Kaiser says

    That was great!! Well done Leesha Thanks for sharing and good job to Boone. What a good dad.Congrats to Boone on his elk. Nice one!!

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