Fix it Friday – Week 3

Today’s Fix it Friday was a fun and simple fix. Here is the after: The Before:  Thanks to everyone who has submitted a photo to Fix it Friday! I love getting your emails and the opportunity to edit a photo that isn’t mine. Remember, if you have a photo that needs a little fix contact […]

Round and Round

I have thought for many years that I live on, or somewhere near, Memory Lane.  And I mean that figuratively of course.   Becoming a parent has done something wicked to me. Instead of waiting anxiously for the future, I find myself trapped in the past. So this makes me think that maybe Memory Lane […]

Fall Favorites

Some of my favorite shots over the years.   Thought this was the perfect photo to end on.Ha! ——-o——-Communal Global Wordless WednesdayLiving Arrows

Day One

I Heart Faces theme this month is Everyday Life… and what encompasses more of my life then this? Kids and cereal. ha!  I will admit that almost everyday we have cereal for some meal or another. We are a major cereal loving family, and go through boxes and boxes of it. We keep Kellogg in […]

For the People

This Sunday I lowered expectations for mothers everywhere. While many of us try to live up to the hype, I did us all a favor and lowered the bar. I let my kids eat candy for breakfast, wash it down with a Dr. Pepper, and I even let one sleep in her dirty Halloween costume. […]