Accidently Philosophical

 I used this photo in my latest Huffington Post Article
The article centered a lot around how amazing, yet detrimental, Photoshop has been to our society.
(wow, that sounded deep. I wasn’t going for that effect, just surface scratching.)
 But think about it.. we all know this.
 Like Victoria’s Secret models reallllly look like that…pfffffff….yeah right.
(sorry guys)

Anyways, so I read a few blogs here and there. Some photography related, others parenting.. ya know, a mishmash of stuff.
Some I read religiously, others just by happen stance. 
But…I have noticed photographers who claim to be edit free and looked at Photoshop like the plague or something.. so that’s kinda where I was coming from when I wrote that. 
Just thought I would share that.

I also added the before version above photo to my Original vs Edit page if your interested.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Little Things Thursday

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    I totally agree with your take on editing. It is a kind of expressive outlet. I think there is a place for editing and a place where editing should be curtailed. I love how your edited photos came out in these examples.

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      Im so happy there is someone out there who agrees with me 🙂 I have never seen much written on PS used as an expressive outlet so I was intrigued to write it.

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    I love your edits and your editing style! Its amazing what you create in photoshop. But, as someone once told me, you can’t make a bad photo into a good one in photoshop. Its there to just enhance the art you’ve already created in camera. And I think you’ve got that 🙂

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      Well put Jess. I agree! Sometimes I will take a really crappy photo that I try, try, try, to save via Photoshop and I just have to stop myself. Sometimes its just a lost cause.
      And thank you. You are always so generous with your compliments and I am truly grateful for that. 🙂

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    What a transformation from original to after!! I find Photoshop is place to create just like a blank canvas. I don’t edit all my photos just the ones I wish to create art with. And you choose a great one to create with this week!

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    I really find that what you do with PS is art! I don´t edit my pictures but basically because I don´t know how…. but after seeing your pics I have been wanting to start using PS. So keep on doing it, at least you have inspired one person!

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      That’s awesome!! Once upon a time I could of cared less about photography, let alone editing.. then I came across a blog that just blew my mind on the possibilities. So glad I have inspired you and can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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    For me it depends on the photo and what I’m trying to convey with it. Generally I like to stay as true as possible to SOOC but I do like editing and changing things around too.

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    Editing is a reality – if you put it on the internet you have in all likelihood sharpened for the web, sized for the web, or lightened or darkened for the web. The degree to how much I edit is the mood I”m in – or if I am going for an artistic statement versus preserving a moment. I love the feel to this image, the interest created through the edit (and great use of dead space).

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