All the ‘Whenevers’

Is it just me or do most people forgo the touristy things where they live?
When it comes down to it, I seem to be in the mind set of:
 ‘eh, I can just go do that whenever.’
And then whenever never comes.
So I made a list of all the ‘whenevers’ I wanted to do around where we live this summer.
And at the end of summer the grande total of completed items?
Wahhhh Wahhh.
Utter failure.
So in an effort to bring my list up to a whoppn’ two  I gathered the troops and we planned a weekend camping trip to Bruneau Sand Dunes.
 Where my oldest feared for her life and ran from scorpions.
True story.
We went sledding.

Hung out around the camp fire.

 Rode Bikes
And after about 34 photos like this:
I managed to get one with a real smile.


Overall, it was a great whenever.

One I’m glad made the list and that we actually accomplished.

My girls had a great time!
And probably would of played in the sand all day if it wasn’t for the potential sunburns, scorpions, and hand injury the middle child suffered from an earlier bike wreck.

So I get to cross another place off my list of things to do and see around here.
At this rate it may take a few years, but I’m trying!

So what about you?
Are there places around where you live that you have never visited but want to?

Living Arrows


  1. says

    Love all your photos. Beautiful lighting and subjects!

    We do tend to do lots of local tourist things, mostly because they’re near and don’t need much travelling to do in a day. It’s amazing how many places I’ve not been to though. #livingarrows

  2. says

    So true and such a great idea to write that list!so congrats to you! And your oldest one running for her life… hahahah!!!! I can only imagine how much you guys laughed!

  3. says

    Lovely photos! I, too have a list of ‘whenevers’ – it’s a very long list since I live in London. It’s a good idea to actually write it down, though. I’m going to do that! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂 #MMWBH

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