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 While flying down to California last week I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise.
Now, I don’t believe in omens or anything like that, but as a somewhat reluctant flyer I tried to interpret this sunrise into:
A: I would make it to San Jose alive.
B: I would make it to San Jose alive.
Because while flying solo on a prop plane a million miles up in the air my mind wanders to some pretty bleak and scary places. 
Usually places involving nose dives, flames, and well… screaming.
And I needed all the reassurance I could get. 
Even if that came from a simple sunrise I was taking it and holding onto it for dear life, squeezing it will all I could muster, I was gonna white knuckle that thing until… 
Oh wait, no.
That was the arm rest.. ha.. how embarrassing.
So ummmm.
I don’t like to fly.
I love to see new things, experience new places and I dream someday of visiting Europe and all its loveliness.
With that said, I don’t plan on taking a boat there!
 So in the meantime I’m forcing myself onto planes.
I’m trying to conquer my fear.
And I think it’s working.
(This is the sunset on my way back home to Idaho.)
So I just wanted to take the time so say, 
if your ever seated next to a wide eyed crazy looking blonde lady gripping the seat and crying like a baby, I apologize.
She may not be me, but she’s a member of the club.
Buy her a drink mmmkay?

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      Haha, thanks! Since I was traveling alone I didn’t drink.. I considered it though! I figured the only thing worse then a freaked out me wandering around an airport, would be a drunk me wandering around an airport.

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    I completely get it!! I hate…..well, loathe flying, but I won’t let it stop me from travelling. I too am a “wide eyed crazy looking sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette lady gripping the seat and crying like a baby. I am a member of the same club. 🙂
    commenting from sitsgirls

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      I know this might be crazy, but its nice to know I’m not alone!! There was a gal on my plane ride home right behind me who was a timid flyer. For some reason having her there (even though she was a complete stranger) made me feel less alone. 🙂

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    My whole life I was scared to fly, and then God called my husband and I to go on a mission trip to Haiti this past February. So, my fears had to take a backseat….and they did! God totally turned someone I was terrified to do and dreading, into something that I actually ended up enjoying! Some things that helped me were 1) talking to the person I was with 2)finding something to read/distract me 3)sleeping! Sometimes it’s hard to do those things that are out of our comfort zones, but in the end totally worth it!

    The Mama,

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      Distraction was key for me too! I intentionally started a book before the flight so I would be zoned in. It was a HUGE help. I still wigged out a little while landing (take off and landing are the worst part), but not as bad an in the past. I’m so happy you were able to overcome your fear and complete your trip!

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      Really?! I guess I just assumed with your recent trip you were an excellent flyer. I do agree though, its worth the risk.. as long as the risk is really low. Like less then .00000001%. 😉

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    leesha!!! you are sooo funny! so glad you made it alive, and got to enjoy the flight! I am completely opposite to you in this… I looooooveee flying! specially since is the only way out to see the world!

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      I used to love to fly. When I was a kid I flew quit a bit, and on some really long flights…..but for some odd reason once I had kids I just developed this horrible fear. 🙁

      I don’t get it.

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      I suppose if I did it more often I might overcome the fear a bit more. And yes, I am a major bookworm! I will check out your site for sure! Thanks for sharing!

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