Fix it Friday – Week One

There is something I have really missed in the photo blogosphere over the years.
The fix it challenges.
Someone would post a photo that was under/over exposed, off centered, cluttered etc. and invited you to ‘fix’ it.
It’s where I learned a lot of editing tricks and it was a nice change of pace to edit pictures someone else had taken.

 So I decided to open up a Fix it Friday of my own! 
If you have a photo that needs a little work, I want to help!
They don’t have to be recent digital photos either.
If you have an old family photo that has become worn, faded or torn over the years I can edit those too. 
Without further ado…
For my first Fix it Friday I asked on my Facebook page if anyone would be interested, and I was sent two photos of this sweet little girl in her mothers wedding dress.
First edit:
Second edit:
Her mom took the original shots and when she posted them on Facebook a few weeks back I LOVED them and was more then happy to spruce them up a bit.
If you are interested in having your photos featured, or know someone who might be interested, please get in touch via my Contact Me Page or on Facebook and I will get back to you with more information!

** Please keep in mind that I can only edit photos that you own the copy-write to. **

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      I read your post! Im excited to check out the photo! Send it when you can and we will figure out what to do next. I just started the FB thing a few weeks ago, its pretty new. 🙂

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