For the People

This Sunday I lowered expectations for mothers everywhere.
While many of us try to live up to the hype, I did us all a favor and lowered the bar.
I let my kids eat candy for breakfast, wash it down with a Dr. Pepper, and I even let one sleep in her dirty Halloween costume.
I did it for the people.
All the mom people.
Cause while my ultimate goal of world peace lives far outside my scope of capabilities,
 my ability to make one mom feel like she is ‘the ultimate’ is obtainable.
If you cooked your child breakfast, a real breakfast, 
(which includes Eggo Waffles from a toaster in my book)
 than you are awesome.
My children fended for themselves today.
They ate cereal for lunch, and some even ate it for dinner too. 
And not the healthy kind.
Oh, no.
This was that sugar covered crap that they name after fruit to make mothers who feed it to their kids for lunch and dinner feel better about themselves.
 I did however,  manage to put a load of laundry in the washer…….and five hours later it’s still in the washer.
I may be a rebel and leave it till tomorrow.
You never know.
I’m feeln’ kinda crazy up in here tonight.


  1. says

    hahahaha we can of had a similar sunday here! by 3pm my husband and I were so caught up watching breaking bad that I had forgotten that we needed to feed the girls! Ended up running through and automac and back to our TV!

  2. says

    LOL This is great! I have lots of moments where I make other moms feel soooo much better about themselves. It’s not slacking, it’s a public service!

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