I Photograph To Remember.

I like to take photos of things that may be a bit out of the ordinary.
My kids eating.
A random trip to Goodwill.
The horrid bed head my middle child wakes up with every morning.
(Seriously, how she manages that many tangles in one night I will never know.)
These things are a little out of the realm of what I find in the boxes of photos from my childhood, and I love it.
So while I like getting crazy with Photoshop, I also like to slow down and take photos of things I really want to remember.
 This is kinda coming from something my grandma said to me last year, 
 “Someday all you’ll have left is memories.”
 And that really struck me. 
Because my memory sucks!
I loose my phone once a day.
Okay, more like five.
Car keys?
Ummmm yeah, same story.
And don’t even ask me what I did last week, because I hardly remember yesterday!
So how am I supposed to remember the good stuff?
 And yes, bed head to me IS the good stuff.
So I take pictures.
I take lots, and lots of pictures.
Many you will never see on here.
They are for me.
 For when I’m old and reminiscing about back when….
So that I can remember back when.
I want to remember the cry face, the goofy stuff, the makeup fiasco’s, the messy rooms, the endless homework, the baby curls…..
I want it all.
(Within reason of course.)
So I photograph to remember.
Do you?

16 Responses to “I Photograph To Remember.

  • love this post! I actually have a great memory, but I keep a record for my children, and for their children. Sweet moments captured.

    • Well I certainly envy your memory! I used to have a great one as a kid, but having kids seems to have taken it from me! 😉

  • absolutely 🙂

  • This inspires me to photograph the little things, because I have a terrible memory too, and I will forget! Beautiful captures of the ordinary that is extraordinary!

    • “Beautiful captures of the ordinary that is extraordinary!” AH! I LOVE that!! So wonderfully said!! Thanks Bonnie!

  • I love this. These are my favorite kinds of photos! 🙂

  • aaawwww!!! beautiful post!!!! loved it! my girls say I am a pain taking pictures, but at the end, they love it too!

    • Thanks so much Carolina! I think our girls will be forever grateful years down the road that their lives were pretty much documented by their mothers. At least that’s what I tell myself! 😉

  • I love this, and I totally agree! I always either have my nice camera or my phone with me so I can take pictures of those moments. And of the little things I love about my kids that I always want to remember!

    • ahhhh yes! Having camera phone has been such luxury in allowing us to catch those fleeting moments! Thanks so much for stopping by Chelsea!

  • I love the details and unique perspectives.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time from your trip to comment Kim! I have been enjoying your Instagram feed!

  • Oh, I love this so much, Leesha! Your photos are beautiful! And, I too, try to capture to remember. My memory fails me all. the. time! I love what your Grandma told you. Beautiful!

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