Photo Recipe

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take family photos for some friends of ours.
They have two adorable kids and let me just say, they performed like true veterans!
We ended up driving all around their country home and I got some amazing shots.
Did I mention their kids did awesome?
Seriously, there was only one crying incident and it was so minor.
When you’re working with little kids that is a true miracle!
So I chose one of my favorite photos from that shoot for my first Photo Recipe submission to Love that Shot.

  This is the end result, and it was so easy to do!
Let me show you how….

First off, I have completely fallen for the Olde World Textures and Illumination Veils they offer and used three of my favorites for editing this photo.
– High Spotlight Left (Illumination Collection) Blending Mode: Overlay – Opacity: 57%
-La Rochelle (Olde World Collection) Blending Mode: Soft Light – Opacity: 75% 
– Sunshine 4 Top Right (Illumination Collection) Blending Mode: Overlay – Opacity: 35%
As you can see from the screen shot below, I also added a Layer Mask to my La Rochelle layer to remove the texture from her face. I also wanted to warm up the photo a bit and added a photo filter. You can read more about how to add filters and layer masks in my Back Lighting Tutorial.
I’ve always been a texture junky, so I loved the end result!
If your interested in seeing all that Love that Shot has to offer please visit their site! I have been lucky enough to join their Creative Team and have been using many of their great textures and veils in my recent edits.

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