San Francisco

 My husband and I got to visit San Francisco for the first time last Saturday.
I loved it!
With only one day to sight see we tried to pack in as much as we could.
And thankfully, our lovely phone navigation took us all over the place.
And I mean ALL. OVER.
It was crazy wrong I’m sure of it, but I was happy with that because we saw stuff we probably wouldn’t of seen had it been right.
It took us on the longest detours and we came into San Francisco over the Bay Bridge, then left without going over it.
 Which confused the crap out of me at the time, but once I looked at the map at home I realized what happened.
One of the main attractions I wanted to see was Alcatraz, 
but tickets for the day were sold out.
I was so dissappointed.
But, it gives me another reason to go back.
Oh, and FYI.
There are naked people walking the beach around the Golden Gate Bridge.
I’m not exaggerating when I say the very first thing I saw when I reached the view point was a naked mans white rear.
And like all curoius folk, I took out my zoom lens and took a picture.
I had to be sure, okay?

We checked out the fort around the bridge and wandered into places that smelled like pee.

Speaking of smells…
we went to China Town and every little shop had its own unique smell.
 Not in a bad way either, just different.
We were told to watch for pick pockets here, but I didn’t feel any concern walking through the main drag.
We also walked through the Italian district, which was also pretty neat.
And what would a trip to a city be without being accosted by a drunk homeless man?
Yup, that happened too.
See naked man: check
Get freaked out by drunken homeless man: check
Run about four red lights before realizing where the street lights are: check
Let me explain that last one.
So we are used to street lights above streets, not on side posts. While driving through a lot of the non tourist areas (thank you navigation) this is how their street lights are set up. 
So needless to say we ran a few before realizing that.
(This photo isn’t an example of that, just a random street shot.)
Overall, San Francisco was amazing. 
 We plan on going back someday to see some of the stuff we missed, like:
– A sushi place recommended by everyone that I can’t remember the name to
-Maybe see Mrs. Doubtfires house (I’m pretty sure we drove by it 24 times, but I had no clue until later)
-Trolley ride (the line was insane when we saw it)
-Maybe walk or drive Lombard Street (we saw it, but from a distance)
– the zoo (if we take the girls)
and who knows what else!
So if you ever get a chance to go see San Francisco I highly recommend it!
I really loved just driving through all the neighborhoods and marveling at how people live there. 
So different from where we live in Idaho.
Tomorrow I plan to load up the photos from the Computer History Museum (I know that sounds like the most boring thing ever, but it was pretty cool) and our bike tour around Googleplex!

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  1. says

    How nice!!!! I love San Francisco!!! been there a couple of times, and yes… one of my favorite attractions there was Alcatraz…it was soooo awesome! as always you make me laugh with your stories! Great you had a different weekend!

    • says

      Ah! Your killn’ me! I wanted to go sooo bad! I wont lie, when my husband said tickets were sold out I shed a tear. I’m glad you enjoy my humor, sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one laughing. 😉

  2. says

    Headed there next week….I’ve been once before and acutally didn’t like it at all, so I’m hoping for a better experience this time. I’m not much of a city girl, and we were there on Halloween so it was a bit over the top weird for me.

    • says

      I can imagine it being a little out there on Halloween. I hope you have a better experience this time! I’m not much of a city person either, but I had fun! 🙂

  3. says

    Thank you for the fabulous tour of San Fran, Leesha. I spent a very happy summer vacation working in a bank on California Street while I was at uni, and it’s one of my all-time favourite places. It’s an American city that feels quite Asian, and quite European. Love it! All the best, Bonny

  4. says

    One of my favorite places! We spent Thanksgiving there last year and found new things to do even though I’ve been a few times. The 400 hidden steps up to Coit Tower are worth finding if you go back. You enjoyed the best part — just wandering around and happening on whatever and getting lost 🙂

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