When in Rome?

If you know my husband you wouldn’t be caught off guard by the fact that when I visited him last weekend in Silicon Valley one of his ‘must sees’ was the Computer History Museum.
My first thoughts?
But I knew how much he wanted to go, and so we went.
And guess what?
It wasn’t boring.
I’ll tell you what it was though, a little weird.
Weird as in some of the games and gaming systems I played on as a kid are in a museum people!
When I think history museum I conjure up images of cave men, artifacts,  and paintings from centuries past.
Not the Game Boy.
But it was there, along with a few other relics from my childhood. 
(Atari, Pac-Man, Nintendo…)
So at the risk of labeling myself nerdy, dorky etc.,
 I have to admit I liked the Computer History Museum.
 Even if I didn’t understand 98% of the puns on these buttons.
And some of the kids in attendance were probably smarter than me.

To redeem myself though,
I rode a bike with a basket and bell around Google.
 And they didn’t offer that to kids.
So neener neener.

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