Snow Bunny

All of our snow is pretty much gone now. But she got a few good moments of play in before it disappeared. I’m not sure what it is, but I just want to squish this little face.With love of course. Happy Monday! ——-o——- Living Arrows Random-osity

My kids are addicts.

I said it in a post earlier this week, but this bears repeating.. Snow is like crack for kids. You heard it here first folks. And I brought evidence. Gone are the sweet images of my children frolicking in a winter wonder land,  with rosy cheeks, and gleeful smiles.   And hello to this:  Ice […]

Snow, Ice and Fog.. Oh my!

Many of us may be hating the recent weather… Single digits anyone? Blech. Ewww. Brrrrr. But this guy? He’s loving it. Cold weather means he gets to become an inside dog. Which translates into….  he likes to lick himself right in front of me anytime I plan on eating something. And let me just say, […]

Fix it Friday – Week 5

Today’s Fix it Friday is a photo I received along with week two’s submission.  You can see that edit here. When they were sent in I couldn’t decide which one to feature… (decisions aren’t my strong point) Then I realized, I don’t have to choose ’cause I’m the boss of this joint. Uh huh. Yup. […]

Mental Downgrade

 It started snowing this morning.  Ever so slightly. Our girls were very excited. Me? Meh. I usually remain quite the skeptic when it comes to winter storms and how hyped up the meteorologists get around here. It’s like when someone tells you they caught a fish ‘THIS’ big and you mentally downgrade the size by […]