I will keep you and love you. For 5 minutes.

I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love animals.
Not so sure a grasshopper really qualifies as ‘animal’, more insecty, but my girls and the neighbors spent many minutes creating a new home for their enslaved grasshopper pet.
Luxury accommodations via a whip cream bowl filled with vegetation and a cup of water that he may or may not drown in (its happened before).
It was an intense love that lasted a borderline five minutes and included a loss of a limb. 
Poor grasshopper.
Speaking of pets, we have a surprise in store for our girls next weekend. 
We plan on getting them something…..
A real pet something.
  I can already hear the squeals and delights.
It’s going to be awesome.


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    Those grasshoppers can be tricky pets – risk of drowning, endless attempts at escape and then there is the frail limbs. Best wishes with whatever the next addition is. (guinea pig?)

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    I love how kids enjoy those (odd) pets like that. Coleen and the neighbor kids did that this summer with Crawdads (crayfish) from the creek. Can’t wait to see what your pet surprise is, I was going to guess a cat but someone I don’t think that’s what it is.

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      Oh my goodness! I did that with crawdads as a kid too! and our pet surprise is on hold… boooo you can thank mr frost for that bummer news. Dang winter! 😉

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