Mental Downgrade

 It started snowing this morning. 
Ever so slightly.
Our girls were very excited.
I usually remain quite the skeptic when it comes to winter storms and how hyped up the meteorologists get around here.
It’s like when someone tells you they caught a fish ‘THIS’ big and you mentally downgrade the size by about half?
That’s what I do when it comes to forecasts.
When the news flashes warnings on the bottom of my Dr. Phil episode advising record lows, wind, snow etc. I downgrade by 50%. 
But, I still look out the window at 4am when they forecast overnight snow.
I still get a little excited when the first few flakes fall.
Even though I very much dislike winter.
And since I’m working with percentages today I broke down winter for me like this:
95% dislike
4% residual childhood love
1% confusion on how to make those two mesh 


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    I do the same thing. We live in the middle of tornado central & I love it. When the weatherman is expecting something, I keep an eye out, but just enjoy the beauty of it…

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      Yikes! Tornado’s would be amazing to see, but from a distance! I used to watch storm chasers and loved how intense it was.. all from the comfort of my couch. 🙂

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    Such a sweet picture. She’s adorable. Being from the south, I like to hang on to the meteorologist’s words like they are the promise of life, even though I know they are big liars most of the time.

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      I don’t know much about meteorology but it seems to be a big guessing game. One channel says one thing while another says something else. Crazy profession I suppose. 🙂

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    Oh, I totally agree Leesha, 95% – well maybe 85% don’t like it. But there is still just a bit of kid left in me. I think we are in for a huge pile of snow this year in Maine. Already got 17″ so far.

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    love her.. love that picture!!!! I went to school in Urbana-Champaign, IL.. so I understand when you say that you hate winter… the thing is that I am from Venezuela, and even though we have perfect weather all year round it does get kind of boring not ever changing into a sweater or not having a change of scenery ever…. so go make a snow man for me!!!

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      Well I’ll let my girls make a snow man, but I will watch from the window.. deal? 😉 I am grateful that we experience all the seasons here. We get mega hot summers (100+) and apparently super cold and snowy winters. and the fall and spring is always beautiful too. I do love a good sweatshirt though! That would be hard to give up.

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