My kids are addicts.

I said it in a post earlier this week, but this bears repeating..
Snow is like crack for kids.
You heard it here first folks.
And I brought evidence.
Gone are the sweet images of my children frolicking in a winter wonder land, 
with rosy cheeks,
and gleeful smiles.
And hello to this:
 Ice cycles doubling as nose pickers/refreshments. 
Which I must say, I do appreciate. 
This way all boogers stay outdoors.
Because, one thing no one told me about parenting is the amount of time and energy I would spend scrubbing boogers off walls.
I sometimes feel the need to just throw in the towel and paint over them.
But that would be gross. 
And I would never do that… but my friend did once.. yes, a friend.
Moving along…
Children are equipped with the ability to feel no pain while on snow crack.
In terms of cold that is.
But your sister bumping you with the delicateness of a downy feather??
Well that entices howling pain and possible collapse on the ground.
True story.
 But chilling temps, cold wet feet, red hands and looming darkness will not detour a child from the snow.
This only leads me to believe that it’s a crazy kid drug.
And what I wouldn’t give to be on it.

No rules weekend

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    Too funny! My little one is currently terrified of snow, but I’m assuming that will soon change! I remember staying outside long after my gloves had become soaked and I could no longer feel my hands, I’m pretty sure our mom had to bribe us to come inside! Now I hate to even think about dealing with snow!

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