Snow, Ice and Fog.. Oh my!

Many of us may be hating the recent weather…
Single digits anyone?
But this guy?
He’s loving it.
Cold weather means he gets to become an inside dog.
Which translates into….
 he likes to lick himself right in front of me anytime I plan on eating something.
And let me just say, lesson learned on giving him Dave’s Killer Bread high fiber crust leftovers from last nights grilled cheese.
It was borderline lethal up in here.


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      Ugh, I feel your pain. We had a high of 21 today. I thought I could manage walking from the car into the store without a coat on today.. boy was I wrong!

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    literally LOL – animals, they are so good at ‘keepin it real!’. Not a fan of the single digits AT.ALL – flurries are fine – but there is no need to get nasty about it with sub-zero or anything near.

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