Vampire, Skunk & Leopard/Cheetah.
This is pretty much the only photo I got of the girls this Halloween.
I really rocked it on getting photos.
I have noticed I slack on holidays and big events.
I find myself a little too into the moment to stop and photograph stuff.
Which is fine by me.
 I’m pretty sure my kids broke their personal record for most candy collected.
After dividing them into categories 
(chewy candy, candy bars, hard candy, gross candy, hide in my room so mom can’t steal it candy).
I believe they have  have close to 35 sandwich and quart size bags full.
We were also the proud recipients of church fliers and campaign stickers.
The kids loved them! 
They were really riding the fence this season on who to vote for, but the super fun sticker
littered amongst their delicious sugary snacks, really was a decision maker for them!!
And the ultimate accomplishment this Halloween weekend?
Only one child threw up.
Which may or may not be a result of all the poorly hidden candy wrappers I keep finding scattered around the house. 
One guess on who that was.


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