Top 10 (and then some) Photos of 2014

Seriously? Really? Today I refuse to exude optimism about another year.Because it means I’m getting older, so I have made it my duty to get grouchier.Cause that’s what you do.You get old and grouchy. Unless were talking about summer 2015. Then…..well garsh, I just love summer.  So I guess we can move into 2015 with […]

Dads With Daughters

It’s no secret around here that my husband can be categorized as a man’s man. You know the type. Outdoors-man. Sports Fanatic. Drinks Beer. And an endless soiree of man grunts, scratching, and dirt. Oh, and Nerd. ….wait a minute… So he fits most of the criteria. So when these types of men have daughters….just […]

Holiday Photographs

Just a quick post this morning about an article I wrote a few weeks back for 5minutesformom. Seeing that Christmas is just around the corner, check out these five sometimes overlooked holiday moments you may (or in some cases may not) want to photograph!

Fix It Friday – Week Seven

Something I never really thought of when I first started Fix It Friday is that I may have the ability to truly help someone. When the opportunity knocked via a Facebook message from an old friend I jumped at the chance. She put me in touch with a friend of hers who needed a little […]

What Am I?

 I decided to create my own title. My own niche.Ready?! Wait for it……… Momblogapher! Does it roll off the tongue? Eh. Will I actually call myself that in public? Oh no, no, no. But it encompasses all I do. I’m a mom. (duh) I have a blog. (yup) And I suppose I’m kinda sorta photographer-ish. […]