Black and White Photo Recipe

One of my favorite photos from a recent shot was this adorable capture of two siblings.
Sometimes when I get home and start editing I look at a photo and just know it needs to be black and white.
This was one such image.
Here is the original photo in color:
After converting the original to black and white, I wanted to add some drama by applying textures. Some of my favorite textures are offered by Love that Shot in their Olde World Collection.
Something about the grittiness and grain in many of the images they offer just suit my taste and work great for black and white photos.
Now, what many people may not realize is you don’t have to use a texture in its original state.
Oh, no, no, no.
You can alter them!
So if you find a great base texture, don’t fee like you HAVE to use it the exact way it came.
For example, when converting a photo to black and white I need my texture black and white too. That’s a simple alteration, but once you get passed the hurdle of realizing you can edit textures, overlays etc. you can really open up the possibilities.
Here is a screen shot of a simple black and white conversion that I used on the Calais Texture from the Olde World Collection:
And the end result after a simple gray scale edit:
Once I changed the texture and veil I wanted to use to black and white, I applied them to my photo, used a layer mask to remove texture from faces and called it good!
(If you are unsure of how to use Layer Masks and textures on your photos check out my Photoshop Tutorial page for step by step how to’s and tips.)
Here is the photo recipe I used:
Remember Me Veil (Simplicity Veil Collection) Blending Mode: Soft Light – Opacity: 75%
Calais Texture (Olde World Collection 1) Blending Mode: Soft Light – Opacity: 90%


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    Wow! You did an amazing job! I wouldn’t not have known how to do something like that. My husband got me a Nikon camera for my birthday this summer and I’m still teaching myself how to use it. Are you using Photoshop as your editor? Great work and cute subjects! 🙂 Oh and I’m stopping by from Paula’s Weekend Blog Hop. Hope your’s is great!

    • says

      Thanks so much Heather! Once you get the hang of all the gizmo’s you will love the photos you can take with it! And yes, I use Photoshop. I have many tutorials and how to’s on my site. If you have any questions I would love to help you! Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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