Fix It Friday – Week Seven

Something I never really thought of when I first started Fix It Friday is that I may have the ability to truly help someone.
When the opportunity knocked via a Facebook message from an old friend I jumped at the chance.
She put me in touch with a friend of hers who needed a little editing help on a photo.
This friend of a friend had scheduled a photo shoot for her daughters first Christmas, only to have the photographer bail on her last minute. 
So she took it upon herself to take some snapshots of her own.
She was able to capture her sweet daughter wonderfully, but needed a little help on the editing end.
Something I was very happy to provide!
So today’s Fix It Friday is special.
Here is a little bit about this sweet darling featured today, written by her mother:

When I was 31 weeks pregnant we learned something was wrong with the pregnancy.  We were living in Alaska and at 36 weeks my care was transferred to Seattle because we knew she would need surgeries at birth not offered there. By 38 weeks my doctor told me her kidneys were shutting down and she was going to pass away in utero. We prepared for palliative care when she was born to say goodbye. To everyone’s surprise she came out breathing all on her own! We were told before she was born she had a chromosomal abnormality and that her brain was not fully formed, she had severe fluid on the brain, kidney, and heart problems.  All of which would be incompatible with life. She amazed the doctors with scan after scan when she was born showing a fully formed brain, no fluid on her brain and not needed any immediate surgical intervention. We took her home after only 3 days! Truly a little miracle child. She did eventually require open heart surgery and a hiatal hernia repair (where we put the g-tube in). She’s 7 months old today (December 19th) and developing normally, just behind. She does have a rare chromosomal abnormality (no name for it, just a bunch of numbers) that leaves us unsure of what her future holds. 

What a miracle baby!
And what a privilege it was to help her family!

Thank you so much to the parent’s of little Everly for letting me feature their daughter today!

If you know of anyone needing a little editing help, please send them my way! I’m always looking for another project and love helping.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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