Skin Staples and What-Have-You’s

Just a mini round up of whats been going on in our world lately.
And whats more festive and blog worthy then this lovely image:
So my husband has 17 of these bad boys on his body after some minor surgery Wednesday to remove some bumps.
And with my lighting quick math skills I estimate he has around 85ish staples.
(Okay, I confess… I used a calculator.)
Anyhoo, we took the bandages off today and….
“It looked bad.”
At least that’s what my middle child said.
So she was kinda right, they look gruesome, but not infected and healing well, so that’s good news!
Bad news?
Unless you count that I had to call in a backup to take him home from surgery because… well,  I almost passed out in the recovery room because I couldn’t stomach his half alive appearance, and all the blood, and all the horrible terrible death like possibilities the nurse was rattling off like she was reading the daily special.
I could feel it coming and felt like such a lame wife.
“Sorry hun, you are waking up from surgery and need me to nourish you back into health, drive you home and care for you.. but uh yeah, I gotta leave now.”
*Cue me running away*
So now you know my one and only weakness.
Leaving my loved ones behind.
Wait, no! 
It’s the blood and scariness of the situation!
Errrrrr.. well it’s my second weakness.
I am also very scared to fly on planes.
So if there is ever a bloody person having surgery on a plane I am done for.
And now we have this:
A photo of snowy grass.
It has absolutely nothing to do with anything else in this post, but I was getting a little woozy.
The End.

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      Ya know whats weird? I could change his bandages like a boss. As long as its not a fresh gaping wound and he isn’t so out of it because of the drugs I feel fine. Its the drug induced half alive appearance, and the fresh wound that just got to me. He is pretty annoyed with the staples though. He has them all over his arms and its hard to sleep at night. 🙁

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