Through the Years

Every year during Thanksgiving week we travel to my grandmas over in Oregon.
Both my mom and dad are from the same town so we have lots, and I mean LOTS, of relatives there.
My brother and his family also stay at my grandmas for that week and my girls LOVE it.
It’s one of the few times they get to see their cousin.
Their only cousin.
My husband is an only child and I have just one brother, so this is the only true first cousin my girls have.

 I’m always blown away by how much the girls have changed from one Thanksgiving to the next. So I dug through some oldies and decided to post them.
(Sorry baby sister,  your not in any of these. I’m a bad mom.)


(2011? I do need to clarify, this is in the summer, not Thanksgiving. )
(I think based on hair cuts this is 2012)
(ummmmm not sure what year, but props for the great idea of what to do when your butt gets cold!)

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