Why I took a DNA test, And You Should Too

I took a DNA test a little over a month ago.
It’s something I have wanted to do for years, but never wanted to pony up the money for.
As time has passed the cost of testing has gone way, way down and so I finally took the plunge.
So are you wondering why I took a DNA test?
Are you ready to program your DVR to see me on Maury’s next “and your not the father” special?
Well, you can…. but you wont see me because its not one of those DNA tests.
This is a genetic ancestry test.
I’m all nerded thinking how cool this is.
So what is it exactly?
Well basically you purchase a kit online, spit in a tube (very lady like  mind you), send it back and they give you your genetic history.
As in, what your genetic DNA profile is.
Here is an example of some of my results:


 Can’t say I was very shocked.
My inability to tan, red-ish undertones, and my extreme excelling nature to freckle pretty much told me how Irish I am.
But, if your really interested in your genealogy (like me!) this is an amazing concrete layout of who your ancestors were.
 I have to say, even though I have a pretty good idea where both my parents families came from, it’s another thing to see it written in your DNA.
And you can find relatives you didn’t even know you had!
  Here is a layout of my 1-3rd cousins who have submitted DNA to 23andme:
There is a lot of information on their site, stuff I haven’t even read yet.
Apparently, there is a wealth of info in your spit.
Who knew?!
So I just wanted to share something I found really fascinating.
And hey, if your looking for a gift for someone that may be a little out of the ordinary….maybe you should get them one of these:

It will be the first gift you give that actually makes you happy when they spit on it.

Just sayn’.
Pretty please order from this link below if your interested:
23andme has no idea who I am. Well I guess they do, because they have my DNA and all, but you know…This wasn’t an ad they paid me to peddle to you. I just thought it was neat.
 But if you do order from that link I get a teeny referral credit.
Thanks a bunch!


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      Crazy right?! They used to offer medical information too, but the FDA made them stop giving that info to their clients. I would of really loved seeing my genetic medical info along with all the ancestry stuff!

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