Life Lessons Via a Toddler

I am on the verge of giving up. Giving up on combing, and doing toddler hair. If you have, or ever had, a bald toddler you are lucky.  Why? Because I would rather glue a bow on a shiny hairless noggin, then chase and wrestle down a two year old. They are like greased pigs […]


This week was all about the phone photos. It’s easy, convenient and a 365 saver, because without it I wouldn’t have got five of these and never made it past January in my challenge.  Sunday 18/365 My mom and I took the two older girls, (plus a friend) out for pizza, ice skating and a […]

It’s baaaaack….Fix It Friday!

It’s been awhile since I have had a Fix It Friday, and today’s image was a fun one! Alycia, who blogs at Crazily Normal,  posted some adorable photos of her daughter the other day that I thought would be a great feature, so I asked.. and she said yes! Wahoo!  Here is the before image. […]

The Age Gap and Why We Waited For Our Third

Many of you probably already read this piece last weekwhen it was featured on Things I Can’t Say. It got such a great response, and I am grateful to Shell for letting me be a feature! Seeing as I also use this blog to keep a record of my girls, I wanted to post it […]

Spotlight Photo Recipe

One of my favorite overlays when editing is Love That Shots spotlight image’sfrom their Illumination Veils Collection. Sometimes all a photo needs is just a little something to draw the eye to what you want to focus on in an image. Basically, it’s like a spotlight for your picture. Here is my final edited photo […]