This week was all about the phone photos.
It’s easy, convenient and a 365 saver, because without it I wouldn’t have got five of these and never made it past January in my challenge.
My mom and I took the two older girls, (plus a friend) out for pizza, ice skating and a movie.
The girls had the day off of school Monday, so after spending a hour or so at a very-very-very crowded kid center, I took them out for frozen yogurt.
It was a reward to myself.
 Costco birds.
I posted this on Instagram, and how I wonder how many people get pooped on by these wicked little  Costco squatters.
I was pooped on by a bird once.
It was traumatizing.
So we haven’t watch an episode of Calliou in weeks.
Weeks I tell ya!
She is all about D-d-d-d- Dora!
Home from school.
Toddler lunch.
or snack?
She is a constant snacker. 
All. Day. Long.
I hear “I hungryyyy!” a good thousand times a day I swear.
Home renovations!
At the moment we have about three going on.
I like to start one….and then before I finish…I start another so that the kitchen/bathroom/and what-have-you, are all a half finished mess.
It’s like a personal stress test.
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  1. says

    love your photos!! they are all so gorgeous!!

    I can’t even watch Caillou at our house…I cannot stand that whiny little voice! LOL. Dora for the win!!

  2. says

    Love all of your photos 🙂 What do you shoot with? Just curious, I know it doesn’t matter at all your talent shines through. Thanks for linking up with us again on the Saturday spotlight? 🙂

    • says

      Thanks Tawnya! Most of these photos were taken with my phone (a galaxy S5), but my main camera is a Nikon D90. I almost always shoot with my 50mm 1.4 lens. I think it gives the best images. 🙂
      Hope that helps!

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