Dare I do it? A 365

If you are into photography and blogging you may of heard of 365 photo challanges before.
One photo for every day of the year.
Some have themes, words to capture..all that jazz.
I think I am doing one.
Nothing fancy, just photos.
I think.
So far I’m really on a roll…
I have done four days in a row!
Boom-sha-ca-la-ca people!
Can I keep this amazing momentum?
No idea.
But I’m starting one anyways.
 Here we go!
A day of sledding in suburbia.
Morning routine. 
It’s a toss up as to who that tooth brush really belongs to.
And the ‘you!’ above her head is the writings of an ‘I love you’ from our oldest written on the bathroom mirror.
The tooth paste spatters on the mirror on the right are also courtesy of her.
A girl after my own heart.
Dr. Pepper lover in training.
Cheap entertainment via Cabelas 
That was intense.
My plan is once a week to post my captures from the previous week and keep track of my 365 that way.
I would say it is my New Years Resolution, but I don’t do those. 
I have commitment issues in that regard.
Which is making me wonder if I should reduce this frrom a 365 to an errrrr 5?
Because that means I have one day to go and I like achievable goals.


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      Ack! I’m not fully committing myself, which is really a bad example for my kids.. not that they have a clue, but you know. I should be somewhat ashamed for my lack of will power. Eh. Oh well 😉

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    Good luck with your Project 365! I’m doing one for the first time but with prompts as otherwise my mind goes completely blank. I love your first four days though, especially your little Dr Pepper fan!


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      Thanks so much Vickie! That is true about the prompts helping the mind blanking issues… I may need some inspiration once and again for sure!

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    You are certainly off to a good start and your girls look like they could provide ample subject matter. Good luck with the challenge and Happy New Year!

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      Thanks! You know whats funny, is that it never occurred to me until today that I actually COULD photograph something other than my kids… how strange is that?

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    That’s a big challenge (a good one though) and so far you are doing great. These are all wonderful. My favorite though has got to be the Dr. Pepper shot, just so adorable. Keep up the good work.

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    I love all these photos, looking forward to seeing what you have each week. The toothbrush shot is funny… cute that the eldest writes on the mirror. Mine does but in the steam so it’s hit and miss sometimes as to whether I find them 🙂

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      Thanks so much! After I posted that photo I had to think…’just when exactly did it stop bothering that someone else uses my toothbrush?’ That’s parenting I suppose..

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    So great you see you joining in with Living Arrows again, Leesha, I love to see your photos. The Dr Pepper photo totally cracked me up, her little face. What a cutie! Good luck with the 365, look forward to seeing next week what you’ve been up to x

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    Go you! I have tried and failed. I think just doing whatever works and keeps you inspired is a good project. I still hope that I’ll tackle this feat one day, but meanwhile I’ll cheer you on! These are all so cute!

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      Thanks Kim. I’m already wondering if I can truly keep this up. I want my images to be good, but I think perhaps that may be a little unrealistic. They can’t all be perfect…some days are just a crap shoot..who knows. I’m gonna give it my best shot though! And I agree, doing something (anything) to keep yourself inspired is a good project.

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