I’m kinda liking this. 365/10-17

I actually had a good time taking all my photos this week.
Here are photos from days 10-17 in my 365 challenge.

 Finally got my oldest in the mix. 
Wouldn’t you know, it involved a selfie.
A lazy Sunday afternoon.
This was the beginning of a week of me flying solo since my husband was gone for work.
I had no shame in letting them veg out on Good Luck Charlie episodes.
It’s the one Disney show I actually enjoy!
I shared this photo earlier in the week.
You can read more about it here if you like.
She was being what she calls ‘super’.
Which basically means anything involving a cape and yelling “SUPER!”
Mixing the batter for our colored pancakes dinner.
Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorites and the girls love colored pancakes.
This doll house has been one of the most beloved toys.
In fact it’s being played with even as I type.
(In all honesty I hate this photo, but its the only one I got that day. wah.)
Hiding from monsters under a blanket.
I shared this photo on Instagram last night.
Have I expressed how much I love Instagram?
I decided I will now refer to it as my 4th child. 
The End.
Hope you all are having a great weekend!
I have an amazing giveaway coming up this week!!!
I’m kinda excited. 
In fact, I have had to try and find other words to use instead of ‘excited’ because I have really been abusing that word.. that’s how…… excited thrilled I am.
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