Life Lessons Via a Toddler

I am on the verge of giving up.
Giving up on combing, and doing toddler hair.
If you have, or ever had, a bald toddler you are lucky. 
Because I would rather glue a bow on a shiny hairless noggin, then chase and wrestle down a two year old.
They are like greased pigs I tell ya.
Greased pigs who kick, yell, and scream at you.
I would rather chase the pig.
So there is a lot of this around here:
Bed head at all hours of the day.. because… well, after bed she wouldn’t let me touch her hair with a brush and ran under the table.

Half done ponies:
Lopsided piggies:
And smiles:
Because when you’re two you don’t give a crap what you look like or what others think about your hair.
As long as you can adequately see Dora, your toys, and where you’re running things are golden.
I think I just discovered a new life lesson, and I’m not gonna comb my hair today either.
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    • says

      Isn’t it though?! The bad thing is my oldest is the same way! Seriously, I used to do her hair in all that Pinterest awesomeness and now she refuses to let me do anything with it! It’s really hard t letting her walk out the door when she does her own hair..its a mess… I secretly cry inside.. haha

  1. says

    My son is 4-1/2 ans hes got long hair that tangles as tangle can be. I used this conditioner on him. Spray one. It helps but only if he will sit still so there you go… messy hair on a lot of days for us too =P


  2. says

    hahaha Brilliant post. I can’t get over how adorable your photos are especially the first one. So cute and while you might not think so when you are battling the hair dramas. I remember well the years I woudn’t let my mother dress me or brush my hair because I had thick curls and it hurt and I hated it. lol Great lessons via toddler. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. says

    I have mastered the art of the messy bun for my 4 year old! It looks hip and cool, but really she wouldn’t let me near it with the brush. I may have also told her I was going to have her hair cut short if she kept crying and pulling away from me.

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