Today I am thrilled to give away something centered around my passion for photography. A membership to Clickin Moms AND a subscription to Click Magazine! In case you’re not familiar with this great site, read a little bit about who they are and what they do at Clickin Moms. Clickin Moms is a members-only community […]

I’m kinda liking this. 365/10-17

I actually had a good time taking all my photos this week. Here are photos from days 10-17 in my 365 challenge.  Finally got my oldest in the mix.  Wouldn’t you know, it involved a selfie. A lazy Sunday afternoon. This was the beginning of a week of me flying solo since my husband was […]

Happy Friday?

This morning my toddler woke up 2 hours early. As soon as I went in her room she started crying for waffles. So I made her waffles. Then she cried that I gave her the waffles. And when our dog ate her abandon, cold waffles off the table, she cried. She has unrolled a roll […]

Ain’t No Sunshine

The sun appeared today! For those of you who don’t live around here and don’t know about the inversion apocalypse we suffer every winter, let me just say when the sun is shining in January I’m grateful. You don’t realize how great sunshine is until she’s gone…until she’s gone. “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s goneIt’s […]

So far, so good.

Well I’m on day eleven of the whole ‘photo a day/365 challenge’ and I’m already figuring out why it’s called a challenge and not a 365 breezy-fun-easy-to-do-thingy.For one ‘365 challenge’ sounds much better. For two, it can be challenging.Who’d a thought?!Thanks to winter and the inversion we have been assaulted with lately, some days the […]