So far, so good.

Well I’m on day eleven of the whole ‘photo a day/365 challenge’ and I’m already figuring out why it’s called a challenge and not a 365 breezy-fun-easy-to-do-thingy.
For one ‘365 challenge’ sounds much better.
For two, it can be challenging.
Who’d a thought?!
Thanks to winter and the inversion we have been assaulted with lately, some days the lighting just stinks and you have to figure out new ways to take photos.
And you don’t want them all to be the same, so you kinda sorta have to be creative and what not.
So that’s a challenge.
And then just mayyyybe sometimes you start drinking in the evening and then realize whoopsie poo, you forgot to take your photo today!
So you’re a little tipsy (and limited on subjects) so you just snap what’s in front of your face.
 Sadly, that happened only five days in for me.
But in essence, so far so good.
I’m actually using parts of my camera that I have thrown by the wayside lately.
Like metering and manual mode.

Here are days 5-9:


She loves, loves, loves, this train set.
(I do too)


Fresh from the tub.


My middle.


Cereal shopping at Wal-mart.
We eat a lot of cereal around here.
The last two I took with my phone.
I originally thought I would take all my pictures with my camera, but it’s a pain to haul everywhere and with the phone being so convenient I tossed the idea and decided a photo is a photo.
Anyone else doing a 365? 
 Let me know, I would love to follow you!

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Living Arrows


  1. says

    Great pictures, I’m with you, use the phone, you can capture a moment so much quicker. I love them all but especially the train set, the lighting, in black & white, it’s just exquisite xx #livingarrows

    • says

      Very true. Phone can be less weird too when you whip it out in the grocery store. If I brought my full on DSLR I’m pretty sure I would get weird looks! I admire the people who can do that and not give a crud.
      And thank you for the compliment on the photo!

  2. says

    These are really cute. I struggle with taking pictures during this time of year too. The days are just way too short.

    For some reason Blogger won’t let me use my WordPress id. Teresa @ Eden Hills

    • says

      Thanks Millie. Dreary weather can make it hard, but I suppose that would be another aspect of the ‘challenge’, so to speak. 🙂 haha
      Not sure the ID issue you were having, sorry!

  3. says

    Love the out of the tub photo, such great detail in the shot.

    I am doing p365 but I am doing it all on my phone. I have attempted this challenge for 5 years, years 1, 2 and 3 I attempted it with just my big camera and it was an epic fail – I got fed up of being creative, last year I completed it for the first time and every day was a phone picture!! So far so good this year but that could all change!!

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