“Hit me baby one more time!”

I had fun yesterday and took entirely too many photos of our youngest.
The light in her sisters bedroom is always the best for pictures, but it’s usually a mess and it’s tucked away upstairs out of the way….so I don’t spend a whole lot of time up there.
Unless its laundry day, which happened to be yesterday.
So while she destroyed her sisters room, danced to Britney Spears, and jumped on the bed I took photos.
Which translates into… me not doing laundry.
 She had a great time.
If you follow on Instagram you would of seen this one:
 I also explained her three dance moves.
1. The Spin
2. The Elaine (as in Elaine Benes from Sienfield)
3. The Floor Flop
It’s really quite comical.

We had fun, and since her sisters room is usually always a mess, she didn’t even notice the extra chaos that was added to it.
Win, win.

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