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Well, I made it through January of my 365 photo a day challenge, and was really getting in the groove.
Then February happened…
I had to get out of bed one night after realizing,
“Oh crap! I forgot to take a picture today!”
(Can you guess which photo that was?)
Thankfully, there were also days where I took photos just because–and not even thinking about the 365–which saved me from failing.
 Onward ho I suppose.
Here is my wrap up of Feb 1st-8th


This is my favorite from the week:

There is a little story behind it….

The older two girls and I unknowingly started a tradition this last week.
My oldest has had book reports due every month and it’s been difficult to get them finished lately.
She started the year out great, but we have become more and more busy as the year has gone on and slacking big time.
So….she missed the deadline last month, and turned it in late.
Our goal this month was to get it done early..and well… the day came and went where she was supposed to turn in the book she had chosen.
With something going on every night and no time for her to get a book, (and she needed one ASAP) the two youngest and I ran (okay drove) to the book store to buy her one.
It had to be historical fiction, and apparently that is hard to find cause I basically had one choice, and it looked like a good book so I bought it.
Well… when I showed it to her she nearly had a heart attack.
Apparently 330 pages is a lot for a 9 year old…especially with no pictures.
Aww crap.
So much for getting it done on time!
To save another book report catastrophe, I promised to read it with her.
And that’s what my older two girls and I are doing almost every night since.
And reading.
And reading.
Remember how I said it was a long freaking book?
It was no lie.
So back to the photo of my daughter sleeping…
We have been reading the book in my room each night and I couldn’t believe it, but she actually fell asleep.
Which is crazy.
Cause she is wild and full of energy all. the. time.
So what did I do?
I took her picture.

The End.

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      We have been reading an hour almost every night for the last week or so. It’s a great book, so I’m really enjoying it! And with it being historical fiction my girls are learning a lot. It’s been a blessing in disguise I guess you could say.

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