Photos and a Story

I’m up to photo 47 of my 365 and  I think I need a better way to streamline all these pictures.
Let’s just say I spent more time trying to figure out what days I took which photos,
if I used my phone or camera,
and what day of the week lined up with which photo number, then I care to mention.
Make sense to you?
Me either. 
I’m still confused.
I did make a reusable collage in Photoshop with clipping masks so I wont have to upload photos to random, crappy, online collage makers anymore.

My favorite from the week is the Black and White of my middle child.
She has had a wild week. 
Which begs the question.. 
‘umm when doesn’t she?’
However, this week she was trying out something new..AKA ‘New Sissy’
‘New Sissy’ listens to her parents, is kind to her sisters, and has a good attitude.
That leads into this little story….
She was finishing up dinner the other night and I reminded her it was bath night..which is usually followed by, “UGH!! Do I have to?! I hate baths…I don’t want to.. why do I have to?! WAHHHHH UGHHHH!!”
 Instead she sweetly said, “okay momma”. 
I nearly got whiplash looking back to see who this child speaking to me was.
Then she followed up with a question, “But what if new sissy gets washed down the drain?!”
Wow, she is on top of her game.
I still made her take a bath, but I almost got schooled by a seven year old.
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