Wrapping Up January

One month of photos down, eleven to go.
Granted not all the photos were stellar, but ‘so what, who cares.’
Right Joy?
As in Joy Behar.. 
as in the View… 
as in SNL. 
Its ok, just ‘forgetta about it‘. 
As in… ummm..
Yeah, I dunno where ‘forgetta about it’ comes from. 
So what, who cares?
My oldest baking a cake for a school project.
She did it almost 100% solo.
And it was delicious!
Super bummed this one is blurry, 
but our middle daughter had her ‘performance’ at gymnastics last week. 
She did amazing!
So this pretty much sums up how I feel most of the time.
Have I ever said how much I love her piggies?
The hair piggies that is.
Well, her feet piggies are cute too, cause…. you know their still babyish and not funky/stinky and what not. Grown up piggies are gross. That’s why the’re called toes.
Morning cartoons.
Or it could of been the Today Show.
It’s a toss up.
I shared one of the photos from this series on facebook last week.
She dumped her yogurt on the table and proceeded to lick it up. Which I’m sure was great fun for her and the dog, who got the floor drips.
After licking it up she would grab her binky and say, 
“dip, dip, dip.”
Then slurp that up too.
And check out those yogurt dreads.
I swear I would share more photos of my older girls, 
but they are just not into me taking photos of them.
Especially the oldest.
She ALWAYS tells me to stop.
Not that I do, but followed by the “stop” is a glare, hand in front of face, and running away.
And the middle child is too fast.
So they are usually blurry.
So by default, the baby is pretty much the star of the show.
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  1. says

    Is a good thing you say about the smallest being the star of the show…. People tell me that very often, and I don´t know if they believe me when I say… ït´s not my fault… the older don´t want any pictures…¨
    All three are beautiful! great pics as always!

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