The Middle Child

I took this photo last week of my middle child. My first thought was to make it a black and white, but¬† after posting my color vs bw dilemma on my Facebook page, color won. I agreed. And for whatever reason, blogger gives all my BW photos a blueish hue. Which really annoys me and […]

Spring Photo Recipe

¬†Flowers are starting to bloom around here and Spring Fever is reaching its pitch! (At least in my house) So what’s a gal to do? Make a Spring Photo Recipe using some of Love That Shots beautiful photo veils, that’s what! I love spring flowers, planting in my garden and ditching those winter blues and […]

What’s in a name?

Clockwise from upper left: 1. Toast I find morsels of food like this all over the house. One bite, then thrown onto the floor. Based on mandible size I will venture to guess culprit is of the toddler variety. 2. Stair Victim Our first real stair injury and the victim was a senior citizen (of […]

Life questions via a 7 year old.

While out at dinner last night my 7 year old asked me a question that completely caught me off guard. We were eating out next to a family that I believe was speaking Russian, and she had been staring at them for an inappropriate amount of time. Even after both her dad and I told […]

How Garth Brooks Made Me Realize Something….

Earlier this week I wrote about how as your kids get bigger so do their attitudes. It was no lie. They can be little hellions. BUT, My oldest did something that made me melt and made me wonder if perhaps I got it all wrong. Here’s a little back story… So I kinda like Garth […]