For the last week or so I feel like my head is spinning.
Not literally, of course, cause that would be weird… and creepy.
But just spinning in the sense of utter relentless busyness.

You think when your kids are babies that your life is crazy.

And by all means it IS, 
but when they get older there comes this new level of crazy.
No longer can you keep your little ones in a bubble. 
You will now be forced to drive to school, practices, parties, recitals, games and attend all of the above.
It’s never ending.
And you will love it.
But it’s hard.
And when you do all these things you kinda have to look presentable, because you actually do get sleep at night now, but that doesn’t mean it’s always blissful.

When your kids start to grow up there are a lot more worries that come with it.

resulting in sleepless nights for a whole new reason.
Gone are the days of counting newborn poops, sanitizing bottles and packing a suitcase full of crap every time you leave the house.
And welcome to the life of worrying over your daughter getting picked on at school, talking about puberty, and explaining why f*ck is a bad word.

Oh, let’s not forget the attitudes.

While your children grow in size so does their ability to drive you insane.
Cue the eye rolling, the comebacks, and the smartassiness.
And you will call your mom and apologize, because dang it.. you are guilty of it too.

So my blog has been quiet.

Because I don’t have time.
Because I feel I have been continuously commuting somewhere.
Because my kids are driving me insane.
Because I have just had a lot going on.
And though I am incredibly dizzy, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Living Arrows 


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    I love the pictures and your poem. I’m not there yet but I definitely am looking forward to more sleep and more things to do outside the home!

  2. says

    I so agree. It’s a different kind of hard in each stage of parenting. You are always sure you are in the hardest stage until the next stage comes with a different set of worries. I have always held to the notion that the minute you become a parent you are sort of wounded for life..but in a good way. Love the golden light in the first image.

    • says

      I love how you phrased that, ‘wounded for life’ its so true. I feel like with each kid a part of my heart is just walking around out there and I’m completely unable to protect it.

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    Beautiful pictures. I feel the same way, it’s so hard being a parent. When your little one comes home crying because someone hurt their feelings or actually hit them, makes me want to go all “mama bear” on them.. Wish I could protect them from the world. Thanks for sharing your pictures and this post. Beautiful.

    • says

      Jenn, oh yeah I can completely relate to the mama bear thing. We dealt with an issue a few years back the both broke my heart and infuriated me.

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    It’s so true! Having older children brings on a whole new element of busyness. Not really better or worse, just different. I am never sure where these people with extremely successful blogs find the time to make them that way. It’s more than a full-time job just trying to be a Mom! I too enjoy the dizzy feeling 😉

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    I love the first image! It captures the atmosphere brilliantly 🙂
    It does sound like you are very busy. My little one is only 19 months and all this is still ahead of me.
    My troubles are still on the level of being asked to sing a nursery rhyme in public!

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    I couldn´t have said it better… I think am going through exactly the same phase as you are… and yes, wouldn´t change it for the world either! well… maybe I would change that attitude of my oldest a bit! great pictures as always!

    • says

      The attitude can get old for sure. Its such a weird dynamic with the ages I have. The attitude of the older girls coupled with toddler tantrums.

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