How Garth Brooks Made Me Realize Something….

Earlier this week I wrote about how as your kids get bigger so do their attitudes.
It was no lie.
They can be little hellions.
My oldest did something that made me melt and made me wonder if perhaps I got it all wrong.
Here’s a little back story…
So I kinda like Garth Brooks..ahem… okay I LOVE him.
Since I was a kid and I had his cassettes and memorized all the lyrics.
And I don’t care if loving Garth (I believe we are on a first name basis)  makes me a hillbilly, back-country, bumpkin, I own my love for The Man.
Yes, THE Man.
So my children know this.
They think I’m a complete wacko, but I own that too, so it’s all good.
 In case you aren’t into Garth (say what?!!!), you may or may not know that he is going on tour again.
*Cue the angels singing from heaven*
I wigged out.
I saw him in Vegas a few years ago and it was the most amazing experience, and I vowed if I ever got the chance to see him again I would sell everything to do it. (I like dramatics)
Then I heard he was coming to Portland Oregon (so close!) and I set up a game plan to get tickets….
but life has a way of changing plans and I missed my window of opportunity.
I won’t lie. I kinda cried.
But then I remembered cowgirls don’t cry..
wait a minute….
Okay, so maybe another country artist sang that.. but you get the point. 
After licking my wounds and moving on with my life something weird happened.
I came into the computer room last night and saw a Garth Brooks article on my computer.
“What the?”
It was from the Irish Times (or something like that) and it was about his concert over there in Ireland.
I had no idea why it was there and who did it, so I interrogated the children.
My oldest daughter then confessed it was her who Googled it.
She was trying to buy me Garth Brooks tickets, but didn’t know how.
Oh. My. Jeez.
Did I really say my kids were little hellions once in awhile?
Clearly I was wrong.
As I checked on my oldest last night before going to bed, I couldn’t help but feel how lucky I really am.
I may not be going to Garth Brooks in April, but I’ve got one of the sweetest daughters in the world.
And I’m perfectly fine with that.


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    Aw! How thoughtful of her! This is kind of where I’m at with parenting right now (not that my kids are trying to buy me stuff!) – That feeling that even on the hardest days when you know you missed out on something *because* of the kids, they’re actually worth it. X #sharewithme

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, I teared up a little…so sweet! I also have an artist or two that I’m obsessed with, so I could SO relate! You’re raising good kids there!

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    Ahh what a absolute sweetheart. I love garth and all the country folk too. Growing up in northern Idaho it wasn’t too out of the norm to be a country lover but now living in the UK everything thinks I am a hillbilly but I don’t mind. I still belt it out and my kids also think I am cray cray. lol Country is good for the soul. Lovely post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

    • says

      Oh my garsh, he is the soundtrack to my life! haha I can remember listening to him as a little kid in my dads pickup all summer long. He started my obsession. Every time I hear his early stuff I am a kid riding with my dad with the windows down during the summer heat.

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