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So I think part of the point about doing the photo a day challenge is your supposed to get creative.
I feel like I may be going a little backwards in that respect.
As in..” It’s 11:24pm! Oh crap! I need to take a photo…”
Then I see a random moment I would normally never take a picture of, so I whip out my phone and snap it.
“Whew.. another day down…. and a photo of my ummm foot while I lay in bed? What the?? eh.”
So be it.
For all the crapper photos, I vow to take five amazing ones.
I think…maybe.
Or not.
But that sounded good so I’m going with it.
So here we be:
A week -plus 1- of randomness.
From the top left clockwise:
Evening Walks.
Raid pantry and play with cookie cutters.
Gymnastics. (she advanced this week! WOOT!)


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    I could have written this post! I have been doing the same things and feeling the same way with my 365 lately! But isn’t it funny that I look at your photos and see no “crapper photos”?! We are too hard on ourselves!

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    What a wonderful foot photo…maybe you can add that to your footer for April Fools Day. Sorry…i am as corny as they come. Love the post and your sincerity.You had me laughing and then wondering what the heck this challenge is about.

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