Life questions via a 7 year old.

While out at dinner last night my 7 year old asked me a question that completely caught me off guard.
We were eating out next to a family that I believe was speaking Russian, and she had been staring at them for an inappropriate amount of time.
Even after both her dad and I told her not to.
So when she turned to ask me a question I prepared myself for a possible curious, yet rude and loud one like:
“MOM! Why are those people talking all weird?!”
“MOM! Why does that lady have no hair?!”
“MOM! Why does that waitress have an ugly tattoo?!”
I waited… and while preparing myself for a possible lecture on ‘inside voices’ and reasons why we don’t point, she asked me this:
“Mom, how do you know when a boy is right for you?”
The question gave me a mild case of whiplash and I pretty sure I then stared at her for an inappropriate amount of time.
It was one of those mom moments where inside my head I’m thinking as fast as I can.
Oh dear,  this is a big moment here…what do I say.?? oh man, am I seriously having this convo with my daughter over a half eaten lamb sandwich? What do I say?! Stop staring at her! Close your mouth! Focus woman!
After laughing a little and muttering ummmmmm for a good stretch of time I said,
“Well, he has to be nice, kind, and treat you with respect. 
Oh, and both your mom and dad have to like him too.”
That felt about right. 
Thankfully, it was enough to satisfy her 7 year old self and she could go back to staring at the Russian family and I could finish my sandwich.
It can really throw you for a loop sometimes.

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