Spring Photo Recipe

 Flowers are starting to bloom around here and Spring Fever is reaching its pitch!
(At least in my house)
So what’s a gal to do?
Make a Spring Photo Recipe using some of Love That Shots beautiful photo veils, that’s what!
I love spring flowers, planting in my garden and ditching those winter blues and what a great way to start the season by grabbing my camera and capturing all that is new again.
Which is exactly what I did yesterday.
Here is my edited photo of the tulips in my backyard:
And here is the before and after:
With just a few simple steps I was able to take my washed out flower photo and make the colors pop.
Here is what I used:
Mountain Sunset (Simplicity Veils Collection) Blending Mode: Soft Light – Opacity: 43%
Right Tinted Spotlight (Illumination Veils Collection) Blending Mode: Overlay – Opacity: 100%
I also like to give colors a bit of a bump by duplicting a layer and adjusting colors by going to:
Image>Adjustments>Selective Color
A few minutes is all you need to give your photos that extra umph.
Make sure to check out everything Love That Shot has to offer and get out there and shoot some Spring!
(Does that even makes sense?? eh.. just roll with it!)


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