The Middle Child

I took this photo last week of my middle child.
My first thought was to make it a black and white, but  after posting my color vs bw dilemma on my Facebook page, color won.
I agreed.
And for whatever reason, blogger gives all my BW photos a blueish hue.
Which really annoys me and leads me into the fact that I am moving.
Moving host’s that is.
I am in the process of going over to WordPress.. and it’s been a learning curve.
But back to this cutie:
I love photographing her.
She takes pretty darn good direction for photos. Which baffles me, because she doesn’t take direction hardly any other time in her life.
I joke.
Okay, not really.. it’s the truth. she is as stubborn as a mule.
And I have to admit, we have that in common.


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