What’s in a name?

Clockwise from upper left:
1. Toast
I find morsels of food like this all over the house. One bite, then thrown onto the floor. Based on mandible size I will venture to guess culprit is of the toddler variety.
2. Stair Victim
Our first real stair injury and the victim was a senior citizen (of the canine kind). He has had to visit the vet twice and has been on multiple medications. He is on the mend but its taken a long time. Poor guy.
3. Make Believe
Playing horsey outside. That’s about it.
4. Garth Brooks
Okay, I know the photo isn’t of Garth himself (or Troyal for all you die hards), but you can read more about why this photo has that particular name here.
5. Street Bokeh
I love, love, love bokeh. Some people look at is as a simple out of focus picture, but I love all the light globes and dreamy quality of it. And being I’m out of focus a lot myself… I feel we are kindred spirits. haha
6. Life Motto
My oldest came up with this life motto the other day at dinner. I told her we should put that quote above out dining room table. She obliged.
Hallelujah! Praise be! The sun has been shining and we can go to the park and enjoy the outdoors!!
(for all you still in the snow… neener neener… sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)
8. Lava Monster
My husband and a whole gaggle of girls played Lava Monster on the playground equipment. The screams could be heard from miles around.
My favorite of the group?

BOKEH for the win!!


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