365 Challenge Photos 105-112

My 365 Challenge is becoming somewhat of a routine now and I find myself wigging out less at 11:34pm and running around the house trying to find something photo-worthy.

All photos, with the exception of one, were taken with my phone this round. It has been a busy week or so and editing on a phone has become so easy with an app I can’t wait to share with you all! (I’m working on the post tonight!)

So here they are, photos 105-112:


This was my baby’s first ever go cart ride. She could barely see out of the vehicle and Im not 100% certain she wasn’t ever so slightly terrified, but she must of loved it in the end because she wanted to go.. again.. and again… and again.



So umm yeah.. apparently I gave birth to this child, but for the life of me I’m pretty sure she is still supposed to be.. I dunno.. a baby?

Not this:

107 April 17 water

I love taking pictures of my kids at the park. Why? Because they are usually in a good mood, so that’s a plus, and the equipment is just an overall cool prop to work with. You can go to the same park over and over and get a different view, perspective and shot every time. But I do love a tunnel photo. They are already framed out and ready to go.. plus the static electricity always makes for a rockn hairstyle after I wedge my rear through there.

106 April 16 watermark

Spring means these.. Bee’s. Well, wasps to be exact (which I can never say right. Something about an ‘sp’ followed by an ‘s’ leads my mouth to believe that I need to add about 3 more ‘sps’ So waspspspsps.)

109 April 19water

Yup, another park. And let me just say this merry-go-round on steroids was awesome.

108 April 18 watermakr

My youngest is a blueberry lover. She would eat the whole container from Costco in one sitting if I let her. But I won’t. Cause it would end badly…… very badly.

April 20 watermark

I love this photo. It was part of my Day in The Life Of Me post and it was my favorite then too. It was a perfectly candid moment and I just couldn’t help but take it and think “awwwww”. Who knew a photo of teeth brushing would ever provoke such feelings? Parenting. Where weird things bring a tear to your eye.


I tried to center her in the bubble thingy-ma-bob, but since I took this with my phone using Selective Focus, it was a little difficult to hold the bubble wand, and the phone and tap the screen when I was ready. If the neighbors were watching I’m sure they think I’m a real nut job.


But I suppose if they are just now realizing that, they are a little late to the party.

So that’s a wrap up of my last week or so. Hope you had a great one!

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  1. Karen S. says

    What a bunch of great everyday life photos! The playground black and white photo, what a cool design it is.

  2. says

    So many great images, I can’t pick a favourite although the one of the little one in the tunnel is really rather fabulous


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