Still Life Photography

If someone told me that there would come a day where I would enjoy photographing eggs

my response would of been something like this:

 “Pffff yeah sure, that’s just weird.”
 Well today I get to call myself a certified weirdo, because I like photographing eggs.

It doesn’t sound so crazy if you call it Still Life Photography though, so I’m gonna roll with that title instead of my first choice, which was… errrr Egg Photography.

 You can see why I changed it.

I have to admit, I know nothing about photographing inanimate objects. I prefer to photograph people. Everyday lifestyle photography…WITH people in the frame. So this is a little out of my element to say the least.

With they said, sometimes you need to challenge yourself. Are you a major food photographer? Try shooting people. With a camera of course!

If you prefer landscapes, try macro.

If you like taking photos of eggs, email me! I would like to know I am not the only one.

After-all, you will never get better at anything if you don’t practice. That is my life lesson for the day. Now go forth my sweet friends and photograph something weird. You might find that you actually enjoy it.

If your looking for some tips on Rule of Thirds, I wrote an article for Simple As That this week that you may want to check out.


  1. says

    I love food photography, so yes I’ve been known to photograph eggs. At least with still life photography the subjects sits still and doesn’t wriggle or talk back.
    Love your site. I notice you are doing a 365. Well done and keep up the great work. I did one a couple of years ago. It was a challenge but very rewarding.

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