Free Your Mind…mmmmmkay?

It’s been awhile since I have updated my progress on my 365 Photo a Day Challenge. Unfortunately, I missed a few more days… but that’s okay. In reality even if I miss a few days I will have so many photos documenting the year it won’t be too big of a deal. Right?So I changed the title of this whole sha-bang to something a little more fitting:

 Photo A Day, But If You Miss One That’s Okay Challenge

However, it’s a little long for my collage so lets just all join hands and pretend that’s what it says…that way I can be lazy and not edit it?


Thank you.

For something a little different I decided to include the large versions of all my photos and a little descriptive title.

 Best Buddies.

 Spring Break.

Slightly Intoxicated Stroll into Parking Garage with Friends.


Part of the Purple Color Challenge .

Middle Child.

More Flower Power.

Attempting Still Life Photography.

This last week has been pretty awesome. I have gained quite a few more followers and I am pumped!! So with that said, I just waned to give a big “Hello” and “Thank YOU” to all my new followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!! AND a big grateful shout out to all of you who have kept on keeping on with this whole blog adventure of mine.

You Rock!

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