From top left clockwise:

There has been a whole lot of this lately. Mostly in the living room. I hear pounding feet hitting the floor a good few hundred-thousand times a day as she practices handstands, cartwheels, backwards bends and everything else. I have enjoyed watching her learn a new skill (almost daily). She is probably the toughest, most in shape person in the family. Her muscles are bigger then mine..and I’m not joking.

97 April 7

Hot, cold, rainy, windy, repeat.
That’s been our weather. Gotta love spring:

98 April 8

I climbed into the girl’s tree-house for this photo:

99 April 9

He wouldn’t hurt a fly. One of the 735 reasons why we love him:

100 April 10

Yum. That is it:



My favorite pastime. Watching my kids beat the crap out of their dad.hmmmm for some reason that didn’t sound right….

101 April 11


This kid…..This is her smile face…and I’m pretty sure she is telling her baby, “SHHHH this is my moment.”:

102 April 12

Lastly, my girls had a random day off of school this week and instead of doing her homework, cleaning her room or getting dressed my oldest built a ‘roller-coaster’ for her baby sister, made tickets, a wheel and engaged her in hours of play time. I didn’t even care that she didn’t get dressed, clean her room or do her homework.


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    • justleesha says

      Some of the kids I see there blow me away. Kids with muscles doing crazy (and amazing) flips and acrobatics.

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