How to Create A Custom Facebook Cover

Want to create unique Facebook cover photo but don’t own fancy photo editing software? Or tired of uploading a photo and finding the image doesn’t even fit in the Facebook dimensions? No sweat, because you don’t need an expensive program to get a creative, well-fitting and personalized photo collage for your Facebook profile. Not only that, but you can make one and add it to your site in less than a few minutes and I’m going to show you how.


Below are the best free sites for creating a unique Facebook cover without downloading a program or the hassle of learning the in’s and out’s of editing software. I included a screen shot of each site along with a collage I made using my photos for an example.


Where you can upload photos from: Your Computer, Selfie (computer camera image), Drop Box, Facebook, Instagram, Backgrounds (stock images).


I love this site. It’s easy, quick and the customizing options are off the chain.. or is it the hook? I’m not really up to date on the new lingo. Anyhoo, after choosing your Facebook cover layout there are multiple options available. Such as adding text, rounding corners, enlarging frames, spacing, coloring and more. It even shows you were your Facebook profile photo is located so you can maximize the layout. If you want a custom look with little effort try this site. It’s free and extremely user friendly.

–Pic Monkey —

Where you can upload photos from: Your Computer, Facebook, One Drive, Dropbox, Flickr.

PicMonkey PicMonkey CollageYou have probably heard of Pic Monkey. I know I have, but I never really used it until recently. Making a Facebook cover collage with them was easy, but the choices weren’t as abundant as PiZap. There was no option to upload photos from Instagram (which I prefer) so I used files from my computer instead. The results were still nice and it too was user friendly, but it lacked a lot of options I personally prefer, and that a business page might like as well.


Where you can upload photos from: Just Instagram

Iconosquare InconosquareCollage

If you’re an Instagram junky like me you will love the ease of Iconosquare’s profile image creator. You must have an Instagram account as it implements a collage of photos just from your gallery, but it’s so quick and so easy your grandma can do it. All you do is create a log in (if you don’t have one) and go to the Promote tab, select Facebook Cover and in a matter of seconds you have your collage. Simply right click the image and save to your computer or editing program. The only down side is that you can’t customize photo placement, so you may get some you don’t like in places you wouldn’t prefer but that’s the tradeoff with the simplicity of it all.

–Be Funky–

Where you can upload photos from: Your Computer, Facebook, Be Funky


BeFunky Collage2

You may recognize this name as I referred to it in my Phone Watermark App’s post. They also have an online presence for making photo collages, who knew?! I really liked the fact that they offer layouts I hadn’t seen anywhere else. The upload was quick even when I uploaded photos for their largest design. Plus it’s easy to move, edit and adjust the photos to your preference before saving.

Sites to avoid:


I immediately took out of the running any site that required a program download. Smilebox may be the most amazing Facebook collage maker, but I wanted the ease of something fully online. Sorry Smilebox.

First Covers :

The site was slow, outdated and didn’t even work properly. Not worth your time.

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  1. says

    This is really useful info. I did not know you could create custom facebook Covers. Thanks – going to try one of the free sites out.

  2. says

    This is really useful. I have a LOT to learn about using photos. I always get frustrated because Pinterest prefers vertical pics and my Word Press template likes horizontal ones. I am very happy to pin this and go back and try this! Thanks, Michele

    • justleesha says

      Thats so true about the picture layout for sites. I hate having a huge vertical image on my blog but it works best for Pinterest, so whatcha gonna do?

  3. says

    Thanks so much for these helpful suggestions; though I love writing for my blog, I’m clueless when it comes to things like designing & putting an individual touch on it. Will def. be using this!

    • justleesha says

      I think I should look into Picmonkey more. I just do everything in Photoshop so I just never spent much time there!

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