Best Phone Editing Apps; How To Elevate Your Phone Photography

Every great photo needs a good editing program. Or at least that’s my motto. So in order to find the perfect marriage for my cell phone photography I have been scouring the app abyss looking for the best photo editing apps that would allow me to edit on the run. One that had lots of options, was user friendly, actually worked (yes this is sometimes an issue), and made my editing heart sing.

And I found it.

best photo editing apps


Actually, I have been using Snapseed off and on for awhile now, but they recently updated it and made it so much easier to use. It’s kinda like a mini creative Photoshop in your phone. It comes with textures, light leak overlays (awesome!), customizable image blur and much more! And to top it off…it’s free.

Boom. Your mind is blown… am I right? Well perhaps I should show you exactly what I am talking about first. Below I captured a few screen shots of my favorite editing features in Snapseed.

When you first open your photo just click on the + in the bottom right corner to open up your editing options. As you can see from the second screen shot, you have a ton of Tool options. Each Tool has options within itself to allow for maximum control of your editing.

photo editing apps

For example, one of my favorite tool options is Selective. Once opened you get to choose from Brightness, Saturation, and Contrast. You can view each of these by holding your finger down on the image and moving it up and down. Once you select the option you want (I always love adding more Brightness) you can move the source (the little B image) around the photo to select where exactly you want your Brightness to radiate from. You can then choose the strength by moving your finger right to left for adjustment.

best photo editing apps

My next favorite option can be found in Filters. (Look at all those options!!)

best photo editing apps

It’s Lens Blur. I love Tilt Shift on Instagram, and this is similar to that, but allows for so much more customizing. You can adjust the shape of the blur manually, or you can even choose a shape from their library. Instead of being forced to use a linear or circular blur, like on Instagram, you can adjust it to fit your image AND you can adjust both the strength and transition, not to mention adding a vignette. Yes!


If you want to get creative Snapseed has dozens of Retrolux, Vintage and HDR editing abilities. And as with all it’s filters, you can adjust them to your taste and if you decide you don’t like it just select undo.


If you like HDR photography they have that filter (check out how much it made all the scratches show up in that tunnel!) and their Black and White filters have a library of editing styles sure to fit your needs. If you want to see what your photo looked like before selecting a filter just click the icon in the upper right hand corner.


When your done editing in Snapseed just select Save and the image will be in your phone gallery in seconds. Then you can go edit it some more when you upload it to Instagram. Yup, I double edit and I wont lie….I sometimes even quadruple edit. It’s a sickness.

Just so were clear, I am not getting paid to push Snapseed to you. Snapseed has no clue who I am. I’m just a blogger who thinks their app rocks and loves sharing tips, and great finds with all you fine people. Now go download this bad boy and get your editing on!


    • justleesha says

      I have tried VSCO and I didn’t like it. Maybe it’s just me, but I was confused on how to get it to do what I wanted. I may need to look into it again, but for now Snapseed is my #1 go to.

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